About Us

Since 21 years Marijan Jordan and Gerhard Muthenthaler, the founders of inpama.com and InventorHaus, Inc., deal with problems that inventors face in marketing their inventions. Throughout their long careers as invention advisers and marketers, they have always stood behind the case that “for protection there are always places to go for help and consultation, but there are no inexpensive ways for market commercialization.”

To solve this problem they created a site that is available for inventors and combines helpful tools to promote inventions: inpama.com and erfinderladen.de – the first Invetion and Inventor Shop.

How can producers, license holders, and distributors be reached? This question has been answered in a step-by-step guide to help inventors bring their idea into commercial reality.

You may ask yourself why we supports the World IP Day? Here are the answers:

We want to…
– raise awareness about the importance of intellectual property
– connect you with other organizations and people in the invention field
– provide useful tips
– give you information about the World IP Day
– publish interesting interviews with people who deal with inventions every day
– help inventors to bring their ideas and IP successfully to market

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