World IP Day Events in Moldawia

World Intellectual Property Day- 26 April 2012Every year on April 26, the World Intellectual Property Day, the world celebrates innovation and creativity, highlights how intellectual property promotes and encourages those who invent the future.

In accordance with the theme established by WIPO, in 2012 the World Intellectual Property Day is dedicated to Visionary Innovators, i.e. those big dreamers, possessed of great ideals that have the ability to foresee future needs and concerns of people.

Behind every great innovation, either artistic or technological, is a human story – a tale in which new pathways open as a result of the curiosity, insight or determination of individuals.

The Wright Brothers’ boyhood fascination with flight leads to a flying machine and travel by air. Louis Pasteur’s inquisitive mind advances the science of disease prevention. Tu Youyou’s dogged analysis of herbal remedies results in a malaria treatment that saves millions of lives. Steve Jobs’ ambition to make digital technology simple and accessible to everyone gives rise to personal computing and – three decades on – a new paradigm for the delivery of entertainment.

The list of visionary innovators is long. It is a catalogue of human ingenuity and creativity. It includes the many artists, writers and musicians who changed the way we see and hear things: Rembrandt and Turner, Picasso and Kandinski, each reshaping our perceptions of light, shape and form; Chekhov and Tagore, Neruda and Mafouz, their writing giving new insights into the human experience; Charlie Parker and Miles Davis, Hendrix and Rostropovich – musicians who challenge the status-quo, and endure.

Details of the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day internationally you can find on WIPO website:

In 1979 WIPO established the Gold Medal “Outstanding Inventor” – as a way to stimulate innovation activity and to boost technical creativity worldwide. By awarding this medal are promoted inventors, it is appreciated their invaluable contribution to the prosperity of both national and global progress.

To honor and encourage those whose creativity, artistic skill and imagination have created works, performances, relevant original productions in the field of copyright and related rights, such as composers, writers, artists, designers , editors, database creators, etc., in 2001 WIPO established the Gold Medal “For Creativity”.

Republic of Moldova, like other states, can be proud of its inventors, including the 26 winners of the WIPO Gold Medal “Outstanding Inventor”. With this high distinction were honored the best local inventors in the field of the technology – Ion BOSTAN, Valeriu DULGHERU, Stefan ODAGIU, Nicolae TARAN; chemistry – Gheorghe DUCA, Pavel CHINTEA, Aurelian GULEA, Olga COVALIOV, Tudor LUPASCU, Pavel VLAD, Nina SAMUSI; biology – Valeriu RUDIC, Ion TODERAS, Galina LUPASCU, Alexandra DESEATNIC-CILOCI, Liliana CEPOI, Svetlana CODREANU, Anastasia STEFARTA; agriculture – Simion TOMA; medicine – Ludmila ETCO, Viorel PRISACARI, Victor GHICAVII Valentin GUDUMAC, Constantin SPINU, Svetlana BURACIOV; intellectual property – Ion DANILIUC.

Winners of WIPO Gold Medal “For Creativity” have become over the years Grigore VIERU, Ion DRUTA, Dumitru MATCOBSCHI, Eugen DOGA, and Maria BIESU.

In 2011, AGEPI updated and reprinted the brochure “Winners of WIPO Gold Medal” (Republic of Moldova).

We invite you to watch our website for details on the program of events on World Intellectual Property Day – 2012 in the Republic of Moldova, where, alongside with Visionary Innovators worldwide, will also be celebrated those from our country.

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